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Segment: Masculine

Fragrance: Woody Floral Fruity

Top Note: Bergamot, blackcurrant, cedarleaves

Heart Note: Geranium, orange blossom, cypriol

Base Note: Teakwood, tonka beans, oakmoss


Product Description

JAMOUH, a scent with a deep respect for the manhood and an inspiration towards passion for innovation. Rich aromas in the new fragrance are put into first plan as the composition of the perfume is compared with man who is ”strong, dignified and free spirit but in perfect harmony with nature”. The characteristic composition of Jamouh is formulated with new ingredients creating a woody- fruity-floral harmony that completes this irresistible fragrance. It offers the richness and luxury of high quality ingredients that will exalt and elevate the wearer, appreciated by one and all who come in contact with even the slightest trace of this splendid aroma. The scent offers an immediate blend of refreshing top notes of bergamot, blended with blackcurrant and a touch of cherries. The main role in the heart is played by orange blossom enriched with geranium and cypriol. The structure of the pleasant scent composition pushes the limits from floral heart to base which encompasses teakwood, tonka beans and oakmoss contributing to the finish of the composition. The fragrant drops of this gently assertive perfume applied directly on skin or clothing will fill your heart with warmth and contentment and will create an aura of strength and energy within wearer for its extremely high quality and lasting for hours. This perfume is suitable for men, but if women love the strange but wonderful fragrance of Jamouh, then they will surely adore this excellent fragrance. The bottle depicts the quality and majesty of one of the finest fragrances you have come across. Its flacon is made as a natural shape – water drops which are clear, airy, and pellucid. The flacon cover is beautifully designed with black leather. The new edition Jamouh Eau de Parfum arrives in 100ml bottle and is presented in a sleek stylish gift box. Tradition and modernity bottled for you…