Amthal Bakhoor Gift Set



Segment: Unisex

Fragrance: Spray: Oud Passion Oriental Bakhoor Shurooq : Woody Marine Bakhoor Enab: Fresh Woody Bakhoor Estabraq : Spicy Fougere Ambery Debaaj Mustabraq : Shay Oud, Floral, Woody, Oriental Bakhoor Malaki : Floral Oriental Woody Bakhoor Raqi : Floral Rose

Top Note: Spray: Saffron, Raspberry Bakhoor Shurooq : Fresh, green, lemon, orange Bakhoor Enab: Bakhoor Bakhoor Estabraq : Bergamont , Cinnamon Bark, Mandarin, Pepper Debaaj Mustabraq : Bergamot orange from Calabria, Ginger from China Bakhoor Malaki : Floral Bakhoor Raqi : Rose Pink

Heart Note: Spray: Rose, Oud, Spices, Vanilla Bakhoor Shurooq : Apple, peach, marine, lily, rose, jasmine, cypriol Bakhoor Enab: Cedarwood Bakhoor Estabraq : Cedarwood , Geranium,Lavandin, Sandalwood Debaaj Mustabraq : Patchouly from Indonesia, Rose from Turkey Bakhoor Malaki : Oriental Bakhoor Raqi : Green Spi

Base Note: Spray: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber Musk Bakhoor Shurooq : Patchouli, cedar, sandal, amber, balsamic, mossy Bakhoor Enab: Woody, Bakhoor Bakhoor Estabraq : Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Debaaj Mustabraq : Amber, Vanilla from Madagascar Bakhoor Malaki : Woody Bakhoor Raqi : Honey Animalic

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Product Description

AMTHAL GIFT SET is a one of a kind combination gift set of 6 unique best selling bakhoor by Asgharali Perfumes. Included in this set is a perfume spray with a fragrance of oud passion. A Middle Eastern traditional scent blended with an Oriental mix in a 100ml capacity. With this collection you have an option to choose either one of your favorite bakhoors to burn for the right occasion. Amthal gift set includes Shurooq, Enab, Estabraq, Mustabraq, Malaki and Raqi bakhoor each presented in a 20 grams pack. Fill your home’s perfumery desire and passion for Asgharali’s bakhoor with this gift set. It also serves as a gift to your loved ones.