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Fragrance: Spray: Oud Passion Oriental Bakhoor Shurooq : Woody Marine Bakhoor Enab: Fresh Woody Bakhoor Estabraq : Spicy Fougere Ambery Debaaj Mustabraq : Shay Oud, Floral, Woody, Oriental Bakhoor Malaki : Floral Oriental Woody Bakhoor Raqi : Floral Rose

Top Note: Spray: Saffron, Raspberry Bakhoor Shurooq : Fresh, green, lemon, orange Bakhoor Enab: Bakhoor Bakhoor Estabraq : Bergamont , Cinnamon Bark, Mandarin, Pepper Debaaj Mustabraq : Bergamot orange from Calabria, Ginger from China Bakhoor Malaki : Floral Bakhoor Raqi : Rose Pink

Heart Note: Spray: Rose, Oud, Spices, Vanilla Bakhoor Shurooq : Apple, peach, marine, lily, rose, jasmine, cypriol Bakhoor Enab: Cedarwood Bakhoor Estabraq : Cedarwood , Geranium,Lavandin, Sandalwood Debaaj Mustabraq : Patchouly from Indonesia, Rose from Turkey Bakhoor Malaki : Oriental Bakhoor Raqi : Green Spi

Base Note: Spray: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber Musk Bakhoor Shurooq : Patchouli, cedar, sandal, amber, balsamic, mossy Bakhoor Enab: Woody, Bakhoor Bakhoor Estabraq : Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Debaaj Mustabraq : Amber, Vanilla from Madagascar Bakhoor Malaki : Woody Bakhoor Raqi : Honey Animalic

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Product Description

AMTHAL GIFT SET is a one of a kind combination set of 6 Asghar Ali’s best bakhoor fragrances, included in this set is a perfume spray with a fragrance of oud passion oriental a central and Middle Eastern traditional scent blended with an Oriental mix with a 100ml capacity. With this collection you have an option to choose either one of your favorite bakhoors to burn for the right occasion namely: Shurooq, Enab, Estabraq, Mustabraq, Malaki and Raqi bakhoor presented in a 20grams each. Fill your heart’s perfumery desire and passion for Asgharali’s bakhoor with the Amathal gift set also best for gifting your loved ones.